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When to sell your jewelry

Some life events are difficult, especially when some of your possessions evoke unpleasant memories. It is important that while trying to open a new chapter in your life, you start by getting rid of those objects that remain memories of the past.

An engagement ring or an alliance are often 2 jewels which are very difficult to part with. Once a symbol of eternal love, they can become objects which it is sometimes better to part with.


Of course, a jewel with great sentimental value is very often difficult to sell, which is why we really advise you to be sure of your decision to part with it. 

There are several stages in life after a divorce and each of them can be a good time to part with a sentimental good. 

We have compiled a small list with steps, take the time to read them and start thinking if you are ready to part with them.



At the end of every relationship comes the time to move out and start a new life.  This is when the separation is official and the divorce process begins. If you're the type of person who treats a breakup like pulling a tooth and just want to be done with it, now is the perfect time to part  your ring .

Selling the ring directly after your move allows you to draw a final line on your past and start your new life. It spares you painful memories as well.

Selling your ring also allows you to be able to meet the expenses that the divorce process brings.


Now that the divorce documents  have been signed, the marriage is now legally considered to be over.

If you kept the engagement ring then it's a good time to think about parting with it! Using the money from the sale to pamper yourself and take care of yourself is a good way to take this official step and relieve the stress of the divorce process.


Divorced 1 year today and your first birthday single. See this as a new start in life in order to live your present and create your future rather thansuffer cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_past tense.


Selling your ring is the first step to letting go of the past, and doing so on your anniversary can be a symbol of your commitment to creating a new year in your life.

If you think you're ready to say goodbye to your diamond ring or jewelry, trust our expert gemologists to help you with this step!

Our experts are at your disposal for a free expertise!

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