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How do I sell my jewelry ?

1. Complete the expertise request form

Upon receipt of your request, one of our advisers will contact you by phone or e-mail toto know  the type of stones or jewelry you want to sell.


An e-mail address or a telephone number will be sent to you so that you can send us photos of your objects or certificates in your possession. 

2. Pre-expertise

Upon receipt of your photos and certificats, one of our experts in gemmology  will be able to inform you +- of the value of your goods. 

In the event that you do not have certificates for your objects, our expert will help you, by telephone, to examine your goods and send us as much information as possible. 

In all cases, the expertise finale  and the true value of your goods will be determined after real examination  of your jewels and stones by one of our gemologist experts. 

3. Full expertise in our office or at your home

After step 2, comes the expertise réel  of your objects by one of our gemologists. 

To do this and after examination of photos and certificates, we will offer you an appointment in our offices in Geneva or at your home according to your convenience. 

4. Payment for your goods

After the real expertise of your property, our gemologist will make you a purchase proposal for your property.


In case of acceptance of our offer, our gemologist scellera  your goods in front of you and we can start  the transaction phase . 

According to your wishes, the paymentcan  be made in cash directly at the bank and according to the legal limit authorized by law, or by bank transfer directly to your bank account. 

IMPORTANT:Our gemologists never carry cash with them during any expertise as a security measure. 

In the event of a transaction, a copy of your identity documents will be requested and a detailed sales contract will be made between  you and our company. 

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