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What is the value of my property? 

When selling your diamond, you are probably comparing offers from several different places . The offers you receive seem to be less than the value you paid for your item or what you have in mind and you are quite surprised.

Most companies will give you an appraisal value until you have seen and examined the stone. After examining the jewel or the stone, they will be able to adjust their offer to a more precise value, but often remaining lower than the initial value in store.

So why would someone offer you less for your diamond than the appraised value? That doesn't seem to make much sense.


Before sending your diamond, most companies will ask you for information about it and give you an "appraisal value". The appraisal value can be a misleading number, as it is not the amount you will receive when selling your diamond.

The appraised value of a diamond is based on what the company believes the item's retail price would be on a jewelry store's showroom. As with any business, diamond buyers cannot purchase inventory at retail price. Instead, they will give you a discount to the appraisal value they believe is fair to you and them.

It is important to understand that the value of a diamond is significantly lower than the store bought price. The store charges the diamonds but also its charges, margin, brand, taxes and other fees. 

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