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Sell my property at auction? 

Selling your property in an auction house is often seen as the best way to sell at the highest price.


Unfortunately, it is very rare that a good can reach a selling price above the high estimate.


Indeed, auction houses make two kinds of estimates that are intended to inform buyers of the value given to a jewel.


These estimates are often presented in two ways:

  • low estimate

  • High estimate


Often the selling price often remains below the high estimate, bearing in mind that the majority of buyers are not experts and are looking for bargains.


It must also be taken into account that there is a commission on the amount of the sale. This commission payable to the auction house varies between 10-20% depending on the value of the property.


When you take into account all these parameters, auctioning your property is often synonymous with disappointment because the sale took place and you can not go back.


Of course, it also happens that the auction flies above estimates, but these situations are rare and happen mainly on very rare or exceptional goods. you always expertise a property at its true value, without deduction of fees or commissions.


Do not hesitate to ask us for a free and non-binding expertise!

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