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How to sell my jewellery?

1. Fill the request form

Upon receipt of your request, one of our advisers will contact you by phone or e-mail to know the type of stones or jewelry you want to sell.

An e-mail address or phone number will be given to you to be able to send us pictures or certificates of your goods. 

2. First assessment

Once we've received the pictures, one of our experts in gemology will be able to give you a few details regarding your goods.

In case you do not havecertificates of your pieces, our expert will help you, ty phone, to evaluate your good and to give us a maximum of informations.


In any case, the final evaluation and the real value of your goods will be determined after a real examination done physically by one of our experts in_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_our office in Geneva. 

3. Full evaluation at our office or your place

After the second step, comes the real expertise of your goods by one of our gemologist.


After careful examination of your goods we will propose an appointment in our office in Geneva or at your home according to your convenience.

4. Payment / Transaction

Once the final evaluation is done we will be bleak make a financial offer.


If you accept our offer the experts will seal the goods in front of you and we will the start the transaction and payment phase.

According to your request, payments can be made in cash directly to the bank and according to the legal limit authorized by the law, or by bank transfer on your bank account.

IMPORTANT:Our gemologists never carry cash with them during an evaluation for safety reasons. Any payment is done only at the bank office or by bank transfer within 48 hours. 

A copy of your identity card will be requested. 

Request your free evaluation today! Our experts are at your services.

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