Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different from other companies ?

A majority of the diamond buyers that you find are just looking to buy your diamond at the lowest price so they can sell it to another professional and make a quick profit. To succeed with this business strategy, they must buy and sell a large number of diamonds. This means that they have to buy your diamond at a very low price so that they can offer the wholesaler a lower price than the diamond exchanges so that the transaction is attractive and the sale is done quickly. The majority of the diamonds we buy go directly into our inventory and are reused in jewelry making to give them a second life. This allows us to make an offer based on an honest price and taking into account the price at which we can sell the diamond in our window directly to a private clientele and not to professionals.

How can I get the best quotation for my jewelry or stone?

You are in the right place ! After expertise of your diamond by one of our gemologists, we will send you an offer of purchase for your jewel or your stone. The offer always takes into account the real value of the stone according to the current market in order to always make the offer as honest as possible.

How is the transaction done and how long it take to finalise ?

Payment is made within 24 hours upon acceptance of our offer. We can make a payment by bank transfer or by cash at the bank office (according to the legal limit). As a measure of security, our gemologists never carry any money on them during the home evaluation of our customers. The same goes for the expertise at our office. Cash payments are made directly to the bank and after sealing the purpose of the transaction.

How can I find information about my stones or jewelry?

If you have the original documents of the pieces, such as an invoice or a valuation of the jeweler, a liability assessment or a laboratory certificate, you will find important information about your stones or jewels. Any information you find on your diamond or jewel will help us give you a more accurate assessment in order to make an estimate by phone or email. Of course, the safest way is the expertise by one of our gemologists directly with the stone on the table.

Do you buy precious metals too?

Our company is specialized in the purchase of jewelery and precious stones. As a result, we do not buy jewels without precious stones on them. It mean we do not buy only the precious metals. Of course, in our offer we take into account the value of your metal in addition on the stones price.